Surf-riding is a dangerous condition which happens when the vessels sails in following seas. If the ratio of ship length, speed and wave length are right, the vessel will start surfing down the wave reaching the speed of the wave (celerity). That can lead to loss of directional stability of the vessel, causing it to uncontrollably turn and expose its beam to the same wave it is surfing. This unfortunate phenomenon is called broaching. At this point loss of stability may follow, which is why surf-riding is an important problem, as it is a precursor to broaching.

In the paper  "CFD simulations for surf-riding occurrence assessment" published in Ocean Engineering in 2020, written by E. Begović, I. Gatin, H. Jasak and B. Rinauro, CFD is used to predict the surf-riding condition together with more established 1D mathematical models. The main overall goal of the paper is to further improve the  Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria as described by the International Maritime Organisation.

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