We conducted a benchmark study to investigate the accuracy of our apporach in predicting shallow water resistance. In the benchmark we used the KCS model and experimental results available in Mucha et al. 2016. The study is performed for the draft to depth ratio of 1.2, at four different speeds. Total resistance and Under Keel Clearance are compared to experiental measurements.

Simulations were perfromed in full scale using the standard Cloud Towing Tank procedure for shallow water conditions, which includes special meshing in the gap between the keel and the bottom and alarger simulation domain. The results are scaled from full scale to model scale to allow a direct comparison agaisnt experimental measurmenets. Resistance differences range from 3.8 and 8.6 %, while the Under Keel Clearance differences range from 2.6 and 9.5 %. Compared against CFD results from Mucha et al. 2016 the present results correspond better then relative to experimental results, while at the highest speed the present approach gives slightly better prediction (see the graph below.)

Follow the link below for the full benchmark study with detailed discussion and data.

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