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Cloud Towing Tank provides ship designers early access to accurate hydrodynamic data to avoid costly project revisions and ensures optimal vessel performance.

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Evaluate the hydrodynamic performance of your vessel quickly and accurately by using Cloud Towing Tank's CFD service

Our CFD service is accurate and quick. It provides high feasibility hydrodynamic data about your vessel’s design. Do not take our word for it – take a free benchmark.

“Cloud Towing Tank's team expertise in the particular field of wave diffraction in a river channel has been crucial in conducting a detailed assessment that underpins the feasibility of a near-shore development. Cloud Towing Tank has proved to be a pleasure to work with, combining an undeniable academic acumen with pleasant and professional effectiveness. The added value of their assessment conducted by Cloud Towing Tank has been undeniable. We look forward to working with them at the next opportunity.”

Valentin Martin, Navalmartin, London, UK

"Working in close cooperation with this company, we fully satisfy our needs in the hydrodynamic calculations of ships. The accuracy and speed of the calculations pleasantly surprises. In-depth knowledge of the mathematical apparatus used in combination with the engineering approach gives this company undeniable advantages in the accurate and high-quality performance of hydrodynamic calculations of ships of various types."

Alexander Alexanov, Marine Software Integration, Sola, Norway

"Professional, prompt and efficient, with Cloud Towing Tank it is possible to use CFD calculations even in concept design stage.“
Igor Lalović, Flow Ship Design, Pula, Croatia

"Cloud Towing Tank are experts in their field, easy to communicate with and deliver fast results. I give them my highest recommendations."
Eirik Bøckmann, Wavefoil AS, Trondheim, Norway

""CTT and Inno Gatin was a clear light to our design, with the CFD study they have made for the 42m explorer project that helped us to decide deeper in details.".
İbrahim Karataş, Karataş Yacht Design, Istanbul, Turkey

We value your trust more than money

which is why we offer a free benchmark study to earn it

How our free benchmark works?



Find a benchmark vessel with referent results that you can use to compare against our results.



Send us the CAD file of the vessel (stl, iges, 3dm or step format), vessel speed, and draft or displacement.



Receive our CFD results within 48 hours and compare against your data

Who It’s For?

Ship designers

Use our services to ensure satisfying sea trial and towing tank results by evaluating resistance and powering of their design early in the project, when it is easy to make improvements.

Performance officers

Reduce fuel and maintenance costs by using our services to optimise ship operations and dry-dock activities.

Naval architects, consultants

Bring more value to their clients by using our accurate CFD services.

Services we offer

Calm Water Resistance


Maneuvering Simulations

Trim Optimisation

Coastal Engineering Simulations

Custom Services

Evaluate the hydrodynamic performance of your vessel quickly and accurately by using Cloud Towing Tank's CFD service

When you need resistance and powering data on your design, you need it now. Have an agile, reliable CFD service provider at hand when it happens – request a free benchmark today.